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Ever Decreasing Circles

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 27 May 2018

Ever Decreasing Circles

Have you ever woken up bleary-eyed, gazed vaguely in the mirror and you’ve briefly mistaken yourself for a cute but cuddly Panda in the Chendu breeding zoo. it’s a fair bet you are experiencing that curse of the extended wakeful hours set and modern malady of the western world, dark circles.

If you’re quite happy to dine on a selection of bamboo and be talked about as “Tired and Emotional” then you could go the full rock star and meld into the Ray-Ban and bottled water set or you could forgo all earthly pleasures and settle in to the 9 pm routine with TV Guide and organic cocoa. But, there is another alternative treatment that can help avoid you having to wrap your facial features up like a modern-day Claude Rains.

Ignoring the old wives treatment of cold tea bags and prayer, a modern-day treatment from the United States which is getting rave reviews is called ¨Tear Trough Treatment” and apart from being a splendid example of alliteration, it can be a most effective way of reducing the most obvious examples of late night excess. The treatment involves the injection of Hyaluronic Acid filler beneath the eye area - which causes it to look far plumper, hence reducing the dark circles by the smoothing of shadows or deep socket hollow areas. The treatment reportedly takes around twenty minutes using one of two specially developed formulas. The area is first cleaned and then numbed with a drop of local anaesthetic. A fine needle or cannula can be used to inject the filler into the target area. Mild swelling is considered normal.

After the initial procedure and reduction of any associated swelling, the treatment should last for approximately six to nine months - but it’s been considered an open secret for several years now and may be considered no more than a Botox-like top-up for those requiring it.

If the thought of injections fills you with dread or the presence of dark circles are part of your skin type or signs of illness (or its recuperation), then you may be wiser to explore the many types of concealer or foundation that are commercially available. Many make-up houses now have electronic screens that allow you to match your skin types to the various products so you can actually see a “face shot” of before and after applications.

Remember though, the cost of good quality creams and concealers can run into several hundred pounds for the well-groomed lady or gentleman. Such costs and inconveniences of stamping around, arranging delivery and chasing brands must be balanced against the cost of a regular yearly Tear Trough Treatment Top Up starting at around £250, which makes it seem like terrific value for money. Sleep tight!

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