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Elbows & Knees – Rejuvenating Joints by Carboxytherapy and PRX-T33

Posted by Dr Dutta on 29 October 2018

Does the appearance of your elbows and knees look like some parched, terrestrial land surface? If so, then fear not as this is the same circumstance for many people of all ages out there.

It is perfectly normal for these hard working and continuously moving joints of the body to develop thickened and wrinkled skin over a period of time. They serve as a protective area for what are in effect pistons powering our stress-absorbing junctions between the legs and arms, respectively.

For some people, the visual condition at the skin and knee regions is an area of great concern and they may wish to indulge in some proactive maintenance by undertaking Carboxytherapy to treat the condition of rough and loose skin.

The skin areas able to be rejuvenated around both the elbows and knees use applied Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids in combination with Vitamins and Antioxidants. A strategic course of injections given over three sessions (spanning every two to three weeks) stimulates the skin with these injectables and they encourage the body to create new layers of Collagen - which in turn improves skin finish and tone.



This is a treatment that involves injecting CO2 into the subcutaneous tissue of the skin to help encourage the production of Collagen. This in turn helps to improve the skins natural elasticity and encourages Oxygenation beneath the courses top skin layers which helps to give a healthier glow. Carboxytherapy can also help with the hydration of the knees and elbows, improving the rough texture as well as assisting in the reduction of wrinkles in those localized areas. This procedure is also very effective in the reduction of surrounding Cellulite and fat deposits, however is should be carried out weekly (for approximately eight sessions) to see any visible results.



This strategic name could be mistaken for an appliance serial code. But, it is in fact a non-invasive rejuvenation technique which utilises a skin peel which is applied via massage or spatula onto the topical area. The formula combines Trichloroacetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide; that when applied to the targeted areas, creates a visibly penetrating medicinal stimulation of the skin. The treatment comprises of five sessions which are undertaken once a week. As part of ´total lifestyle´ anti-ageing body packages, many Cosmetic Surgeons from across the pond are seeing the popularity of this run in tandem with other newer and emerging trends such as hand and foot rejuvenation.