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Dr. Ashish Dutta Speaks at the 2016 Aesthetic Medicine Conference

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 18 February 2016

dr ashish dutta speaks at aesthetic medicine conference

The 2016 Aesthetic Medicine Conference took place last week at the Olympia in London. The event, held over two days, is a compilation of all top cosmetic brands showcasing their latest treatments and machines. It’s a great professional networking event that allows the Aesthetic Beauty Centre team to stay at the forefront of the all the latest trends within the industry.

Seen as a leader in the field, our very own Dr. Ashish Dutta was primarily at the event to chair one of the programmes on the agenda. Along with Martyn Roe, Taimur Shoaib and Dr JJ Masani, they discussed whether or not capital equipment should be part of a cosmetic clinic. Their session examined the benefits of introducing the latest technology into a cosmetic clinic and how to make the most of that investment to provide the best possible customer service.

Following the event, Dr Dutta commented, "An incredible number of new machines are coming into the aesthetic market. As professionals, it is our responsibility to identify the technologies that work and give the patient a balanced view. Safety should not be compromised and gaining the public confidence in the profession is a priority."

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