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Dr Ash Dutta talks about non-surgical cures for Erectile Dysfunction

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 12 November 2019

There have been various cures available for erectile dysfunction for many years – but a recent breakthrough has brought non-invasive procedures to the mass market. Dr Ash Dutta, cosmetic surgeon at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, explains how it works.

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you might expect – it affects as many as six million men in the UK.

However, it perhaps doesn’t need explaining why many men are reluctant to undergo anything invasive

Viagra has also become a very popular ad-hoc treatment, and is more readily available than ever now, but people might be reluctant to take medication and/or deal with the possible side effects that Viagra can bring.

Fortunately, there is now a treatment available that is both non-invasive and non-medicinal.

Venn shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

We have recently added Venn shockwave therapy to our extensive list of erectile dysfunction treatments. This new therapy is quick, non-invasive and offers considerable benefits to patients with Erectile Dysfunction that relate to vascular (blood-flow) issues.

It is a significant new addition that we are hoping will help a lot of patients to overcome embarrassment and to get back to feeling themselves once more.

How does it work?

Shockwave Therapy involves passing short, intense sound waves into affected tissues, which increases blood flow, has an analgesic effect and stimulates repair that allows the body to restart its own accelerated healing process.

The short treatment time and quick results have meant what is usually a sensitive subject for our patients can be treated quickly and efficiently.

Do I need to see a doctor separately?

Note that erectile dysfunction can be an indicator of other issues, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or an early indicator of diabetes, so we do recommend you also see your GP. Aesthetic Beauty Centre can assist with both the symptoms and the underlying causes of the erectile dysfunction, but we would also urge patients to undergo a general health check with their GP as well.

To discuss any of the above or to have an informal and confidential chat about your options for any of our surgeries or treatments, you can contact us here.