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Viewing entries posted in October 2018

Elbows & Knees – Rejuvenating Joints by Carboxytherapy and PRX-T33

Posted by Dr Dutta on 29 October 2018

Does the appearance of your elbows and knees look like some parched, terrestrial land surface? If so, then fear not as this is the same circumstance for many people of all ages out there.It is perfectly normal for these hard working and continuously moving joints of the body to develop thickened and wrinkled skin over a period of time. They serve as a protective area for what are in effect pistons powering our stress-absorbing junctions between the legs an... Read more

Keeping Abreast Of Nipple Fillers

Posted by Dr Dutta on 17 October 2018

The use of fillers in Cosmetic Surgery has been well documented over the last three decades. They have been used safely and effectively in many guises for well over a century now, since Austrian Surgeon Robert Gersuny experimented with Vaseline as soft tissue filler in the late 1800’s. Now, a surprising new use has been sprung on our unsuspecting cosmetic community with the use of fillers to enhance the nipple (areola) areas. The safe injections of Hyalu... Read more