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Viewing entries posted in April 2016

Inside Out Investigation Condemns Bogus Botox Parties

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 19 April 2016

continued to co-ordinate ‘Botox Parties’ in a large scale operation across the UK. After being deemed unfit to practice non-surgical cosmetic treatments, both nurses somehow managed to access the prescription only medicine. The pair falsely used their previous credentials to gain the trust of patients unaware of their convictions, deliberately deceiving and manipulating in order to perform the treatment illegally. The documentary has contributed in hi... Read more

Which Lip Filler Treatment is right for you?

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 5 April 2016

The results from a recent study showed fuller and firmer lips make women look significantly younger. Essentially, plumper lips are considered more expressive and sexually desirable compared to their thinner counterparts. Naturally, the demand for sumptuous lips has increased in recent years and considering lips start to lose their plumpness when women reach the tender age of 30 - it’s no surprise, more and more women are looking for different ways to en... Read more