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Viewing entries posted in March 2016

A Day in the life of a Cosmetic Treatment Patient

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Centre on 30 March 2016

At 54 years old, working full time with three children and three grandchildren, I don't have much time to myself. Every day that I looked in the mirror I could see the signs of a busy life. Age was creeping up on me. I had heard of Dr. Ashish Dutta at Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Sunderland, so I decided to pay him a visit. After a very friendly and honest consultation, Dr. Dutta advised me what procedure would be the best for me. He took my eyelids and rai... Read more

Star of ITV's Benidorm Visits Dr Dutta

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Centre on 16 March 2016

We treat every type of person, from every walk of life and every corner of the United Kingdom. Whenever we see a familiar face from TV, it always makes us feel that little bit more special. Crissy Rock, known to most of us as Janey York from her appearance in ITV series Benidorm, is an award winning actress, comedienne and best-selling author. Spending most of her professional life under the spotlight, Crissy understands the importance of having a polished... Read more

Choosing the Right Hair Transplant for You

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 10 March 2016

Androgenic Alopecia or Male Pattern Hair Loss (MHPL) is responsible for the vast majority of balding in men. Further figures released by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (BAHRS) show that over 90% of male hair loss can be blamed on heredity patterns. However, developments in hair transplant technology means treatments are no longer reserved for famous footballers and sport stars. For many men hair loss can lead to a loss in confidence,... Read more