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Cosmetic Surgery To Order: Do You Want Kylie Minogue's Bottom?

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 8 June 2014

In the past, those wanting to keep up with fashion would go into a hair salon with a magazine cutting and ask for a similar look. Now, they might go to a cosmetic surgeon and do the same for their face and body.

While cosmetic surgery has been performed since antiquity, it has never been more widespread, or more socially acceptable, than it is today. Terms like Botox are commonplace, with celebrities openly discussing having the anti-ageing treatment, and it is usual for ordinary men and women in the northeast to go for regular cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers and modern alternatives to liposuction like Liposculpture, Smart Lipo and VASER.

Clients throughout the North East – from Durham, Newcastle, Sunderland and further afield – are becoming increasingly conscious of their looks, demanding ever-higher standards of physical perfection. We are happy to perform procedures to enhance their appearance, but in a responsible manner and in full consultation with the individual, enabling us to manage and, ultimately, fulfil their expectations.





As founder and principal cosmetic surgeon at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, I’m used to clients coming to me and saying: “Look at Brad Pitt, I like his eyebrows”, or ”I like Angelina Jolie’s lips”. Sometimes, you are trying to create a human being who has Katie Price’s breasts, Angelina Jolie’s lips, Kylie Minogue’s bottom and Nicole Kidman’s brow. People bring in magazine cuttings and say, “I want my nose or my lips like that.”

At times, requests can seem outlandish, and my colleagues and I advise clients against having any procedure we deem to be excessive. Instead, we offer alternatives and make suggestions based on our wealth of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery in the northeast of England.

The fact that the recovery time following surgery is now greatly reduced has helped to broaden its appeal. Before the 80s, recovery time was long, so after a breast augmentation you would often take three or four weeks off work. Now, our clients walk out of the clinic within three to four hours and they are back at work within ten days.

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