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Record Number of Brits Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 12 February 2016

cosmetic surgery record in britain

Data released from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has revealed a record number of people in Britain underwent procedures to modify their appearance in 2015.

More than 51,000 people across the UK had some form of cosmetic surgery last year. Leading figures from BAAPS have claimed the catalyst behind the rise in procedures has been celebrities more openly discussing treatments, resulting in a de-stigmatised opinion of cosmetic practice.

Rajiv Grover, President of BAAPS, commented, “Both genders seem encouraged by a new openness in glamorous celebrities admitting they have had ‘surgical help’ to enhance their looks.”

Figures improved for both Men and Women

Although Men in the UK only account for 9% of all treatments, that figure nearly doubled from the previous year. The most popular treatments involving Males were Neck Lifts (up 14% from 2014), Brow Lifts (up 15.5%), Eyelid Surgery (up 15%) and Rhinoplasty (up 14%).

The number of British Women having cosmetic surgery last year also rose by 12.5%. Breast Augmentation remained the most popular treatment, accounting for almost 10,000 surgical procedures.

It is thought that the public are more willing to spend their money on established treatments with a proven track record of success. An introduction of non-invasive methods with almost immediate results has also made British people more receptive to the idea of having cosmetic treatments.

The top five surgical procedures in the UK last year were :

Breast Augmentation : 9,652
Blepharoplasty : 8,689
Facelift : 7,419
Breast Reduction : 6,246
Liposuction : 5,551

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