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Cosmetic doctors join in the fight against COVID-19

Posted by on 20 April 2020

Around the UK and the world, thousands of people have joined in the fight against the novel Corona Virus that has disrupted the lives of billions of people. It has been so inspiring to see all of the NHS staff, ex NHS staff, key workers like supermarket staff and delivery drivers and other volunteers who have stepped up to do their part to protect the vulnerable citizens of our community and keep people safe.

In this turbulent climate, many companies have shifted their focus to do their bit in the Corona Virus outbreak. This includes a large number of cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic doctors.

Cosmetic surgeons are in fact medically registered doctors, many of whom began their career within the NHS. Now, many are shutting down their clinics and offering their services to the overstretched NHS.

Dr Ash Dutta is one of the ex-NHS doctors who has returned to help support the NHS. He is now volunteering at the Covid-19 Hub at the Stanhope Parade Health Centre in South Shields. The hub was created to serve the South Tyneside region and to treat patients who suspected or have contracted the virus. Dr Dutta is currently serving as one of the doctors in the hub and has been working there a few sessions a week since the beginning of April.

Dr Dutta has also been in touch with the local councils to offer Aesthetic Beauty Centre’s two clinics as testing facilities and has put himself forward for the Nightingale Hospital that is being considered to be set up near Nissan in Washington. This hospital will provide 460 extra beds as the NHS braces for the peak of the pandemic.

“This is a very serious situation and a very challenging time for the NHS. I am thankful to have access to full PPE (personal protective equipment) in my role at the COVID-19 Hub. It is quite distressing to see the number of patients who are poorly or struggling to cope, and the growing numbers are harrowing. However, it’s a good feeling being able to be of help at this time and to feel like a doctor again! It’s incredibly inspiring to see how many volunteer doctors and healthcare assistants are dedicating themselves to keeping people safe,” said Dr Dutta.

In Dr Dutta’s spare time, he is also volunteering for the Sunderland City Council, delivering food and checking in on elderly and disabled people who are housebound and unable to fend for themselves or go out because of the lockdown.

Aesthetic Beauty Centre is dedicated to preventing the spread of the novel Corona Virus. Beyond our volunteering efforts, we have also shut down the clinic and furloughed all our staff to ensure their safety and that of the patients.

We hope everyone reading this is taking care and staying safe.