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Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 24 January 2018

Breast Augmentation

The use of breast augmentation via the use of stem cell enriched fat cell assisted lipo-transfer (or CAL for short), allows breast augmentation procedures to be undertaken without the use of fillers, scalpels or general anesthetic. It also leaves no scars and does not inhibit normal breast function. The procedure is intended for those women who seek to have larger breasts or for those suffering weight loss and/or reduced breast volume due to breastfeeding. It is possible to enhance the breasts by between 1.5 and 2 cup sizes depending on the physique of the client and the results can vary as such.

The Procedure

After consultation with your health professional, the procedure can be scheduled on an out-patient basis using a local anesthetic with the typical procedure taking approximately 3-4 hours. The liposuction part of the procedure harvests autologous deposits from the fat centers of the body to gather stem cells for the actual breast augmentation. Slim profile microcannulas are used by the health professionals who remove the fatty deposits under local anesthetic to process these stem cells under strict and hygienic clean room conditions. Then, the processed fats and stem cells are re-injected into the breast. Reassuringly, the procedure is completed by hand and this gentle action avoids damage to the surrounding tissue and is refreshing and innovative in the approach as it does not use scalpels or suction machinery.

The stem cell fat is longer lasting as it’s directly reassigned from the hosts’ fat deposits and as such, lowers any chance of rejection long term. The injected deposit, once introduced, will have to settle down and as such the required volume of the breast can be retained after just one minimum intervention.

Treatment Aftercare

Again, the treatment is relatively straightforward. A bandage is required to be worn overnight following the procedure and then compression garments for between the next 6-8 weeks (if regularly sized cannulas have been used in the procedure). However, if micro cannulas have been used then they only have to be worn for a week then supplemented with a sports bra for the next 4 weeks. It´s important to remember that although a client is able to return to work following a stem enriched autologous fat procedure, they must not do any heavy lifting and for several weeks after any surgery and that they should wear loose and comfortable garments over the compression garments.

The Result

The conversion of the bodies own fat resources to harvested stem cells for the breast augmentation procedure ensures little chance of rejection. This is because of the wholly natural transfer and processing of the bodies fat resources, resulting in a more firm and youthful breast that is toned and natural in the appearance of up to two sizes and can also feel totally real if either at rest or on the move. Any injection puncture marks almost always heal without leaving any trace.

When discussing the procedure with your health professional, please remember that results can vary between clients and that no guarantee can be made for such an innovative treatment. Consultation is the key to such an innovative and potentially life-changing surgery for both the surgeon and the patient.

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