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Body Sculpturing For Shoulders

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 20 February 2019

Advances in cosmetic surgery technology have ensured virtually every part of the body is capable of some sort of surgical enhancement. Recent admiration of the slender shoulders syndrome as displayed by such luminaries such as multi-talented Madonna and the film star Keira Knightly have led to a rise in women seeking to attain a similar upper body physique as such modern day heroines.

Surgeons stateside are reporting an increase in women requesting liposuction on the shoulder area to remove excess fat and thus achieve higher definition. The procedure is standard liposuction that allows small incisions in the natural creases and folds of the shoulder area. The fat is aspirated out using a medical instrument called a cannula wand  although some surgeons have  more contemporary technology using laser assisted Smartlipo or Vaser  to destroy the fat deposits and melt them out of the desired enhancement areas.

New York based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Steinbrech states various aspects of the shoulder enhancement cost between $4000 - $10,000 and patients can be back in their normal routine in a matter of days. “Patients can be operated on Thursday or Friday, recovering with anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers over the weekend and can safely return to work on Monday”, he says. 

However, not everyone sees shoulder liposuction as a ‘Magic Bullet ‘as the area does not  accumulate fat in the same proportions as other areas of the body  according to Liposuction expert Dr. Amron who works within his ‘Make Me Heal’ practice based in Beverley Hills, California.

“I do lipo on almost all areas of the body, but the shoulders are an area I have never seen a need to be done.”Dr. Amron said.”If someone has fat shoulders then it’s typically a musculoskeletal issue of larger muscles and bones and maybe they need to concentrate on losing weight as lipo specifically targets genetic disproportions of fat. Work on arms and upper back is quite common and the shoulders do have a more defined look, but I have never seen a candidate for this area in thousands of patient evaluations”. However, there will always be those with the time and money to seek a quick fix cosmetically.

The bottom line seems to be that shoulder liposuction should only be a last resort as normal practices of exercise for both losing weight and to keep upper body shape and definition are best advocated by health professionals before any surgical solution in the form of Liposuction, VASER or traditional, is recommended.

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