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Beat The Fight

Posted by Sophia Wright on 26 May 2015

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Never an uplifting topic to talk about but with Race for Life coming up and having personal experiences like many others, I thought that it would be fitting.

Cancer now more than ever surrounds us all.  As if it is trying to mirror the ocean and we are all the Earth. If you personally have not experienced this battle, I can promise you that you will. Whether it is to see, to hear or to fee, the odds are that everyone will go through some sort of experience to do with Cancer.  The statistics today are that 1 in 2 people will be personally diagnosed. The eye opener for me was not just how traumatic and deeply emotional it is for the person that has the battle on their hands, but how it has a rippling effect.  One diagnosed patient can also mean massive heartache and struggle for whole families and their friends.

News alerts inform us that something new every day can cause Cancer. I pin point the word “can” again.  Aspirin, Wine, Sweetener, and stress, the list is endless.  So are we expected to live our life walking on egg shells and praying we are not one out of the 4 statistics? I hope not. The one effective and positive way we stop hoping ourselves or our loved ones are not diagnosed, is if we help find a cure. That is the only way. Cancer is not the same expected battle everyone goes through in life, it is not a financial difficulty or relationship issue, the elements and effects are much more catastrophic. Those issues can be resolved. There is still no cure for Cancer. So by donating and raising awareness we will eventually find one, and what an amazing day that will be. This is affecting the entire world. The way a battle ends is for side to be beaten.  So let’s beat the C word and put and end to this fight.

A few members of the Aesthetic beauty Centre team are taking part in the Race For Life on Sunday the 30th of May. You can donate on the just giving website or if you would like to donate for our ladies taking part, the links are below.

Thank you all so much for reading and for those of you taking part on Sunday the 30th we wish you luck and well done in advance. J