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All About That Pout

Posted by Sophia Wright on 19 May 2015

Would you risk terrifying results for a fuller pout?

kylie jenner lips photowrong

Kylie Jenner has made a shock admission to having lip fillers.  She claimethat, for her, it was an insecurity that she had and she wasn’t ready to speak to reporters because the media and public are so quick to judge her.

I started to wonder how much pressure must be on young teens in the media to not only feel confident but accepted, to have certain appearance and then proclaim it’s natural out of fear?

We live in a world where some might say appearance is given more attention than intelligence, we can all quietly book that secret appointment and enhance our natural beauty and there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel confident. There must be a monumental amount of pressure on her at only 17 along with being a part of the most famous reality families in the media.

It was not only the media that had the attention of Kylie Jenner’s lips. It seems after the global phenomenon “ice bucket challenge” came another less charitable challenge named “The Kylie Jenner Challenge” Suddenly it was perfectly acceptable to use the suction of a shot glass or small bottle to plump your lips. You have more than likely come across some of the terrifying not so desirable result on your Facebook news feed.  The image above is an example of that.

I can see the appeal if you're looking for a less expensive way of plumping your lips however it is definitely not a safe way of doing so and lets face facts ... everything is better done professionally - don’t you agree. A professional clinic and surgeon will mean you are safe and will receive the desired look that lasts a lot longer than a few hours.

I take my hat off to Kylie for talking to the media however long it took. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best version of yourself for you.