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Dr Ashish Dutta - ´A Day In The Life Of´ - Aesthetic Beauty Centres´

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 2 August 2017

Dr Ashish Dutta is the founder and Chief Surgeon of the Aesthetic Beauty Centres - a cosmetic surgery group which first opened its doors in Sunderland on 2000, before establishing its main surgical headquarters in Newcastle on 2004 and going on to perform consultancy on London´s prestigious Harley Street in 2007.

Aesthetic Beauty Centre Newcastle Exterior

Aesthetic Beauty Centre, Newcastle Exterior

¨ The Aesthetic Beauty Centre has always taken pride in their patient centred approach. We value our relationship with each and every patient and adopt an ethical and holistic approach to cosmetic surgery.¨ - Dr Ashish Dutta

Each clinic in their portfolio undertakes a different role. Sunderland is popular for non-surgical treatments such as Botox and fillers, whilst their Newcastle centre acts as their principal, fully functional operating centre which undertakes every procedure imaginable from liposuction and face-lifts to hair transplants and breast augmentation. (Newcastle even outperforms Birmingham as the city with the most amount of breast augmentations undertaken). Finally, London is where the revolutionary VASER and body sculpting procedures are practised, under his watchful eye.

Dr Ashish Dutta.jpg

Dr Dutta often sees his days as varied as his patients. ¨Every morning I rise around 7 am before taking breakfast and getting my affairs in order, then I normally leave for the clinic around 8:15.¨ Business usually starts early in the Newcastle clinic at around 9 am, where he undertakes a full staff briefing of what awaits his team in the day ahead. ¨There are two parts to my working day here - the morning slot sees me undertake consultancy and patient reviews as well as compliance and authorization issues.¨

¨ In recent times we have seen an increase in the amount of ´non-invasive´ procedures undertaken, which is for several reasons. People are now wanting to look good and improve their appearance at a younger age without the need for the more traditional ´invasive´ surgeries. Plus, post-surgery bumps and bruises are no longer being tolerated as they make way for ´invisible´ lunchtime surgeries with no downtime or recovery needed.¨ - Dr Ashish Dutta

However, the later part of his days sees all the administrative tasks are replaced by surgical ones. ¨Every afternoon, I undertake a full range of surgeries, both invasive and non-invasive as the patients’ files dictate.  I normally finish around 8:30 pm before making my way home to relax with my family.¨

This is a typical pattern for ´Dr Ash´, as he is affectionately known to his patients, for most of his working week (except Tuesday, which takes him to the big smoke´s Harley Street to perform surgery and Thursday, where he acts as Chief Surgeon in his other Sunderland practice. Who said Nip & Tuck was only popular in America!