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A Brief History of Butts (and how to get a more shapely one)

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 17 November 2015

Rounder and more voluptuous buttocks have been celebrated as a symbol of womanly beauty and fertility since time immemorial.


The Greeks and Romans depicted voluptuous bottoms in their art, Rubens loved to paint them, Victorian women wore bustles to accentuate theirs, Sir Mix-a-Lot wrote a song about them, and Kim Kardashian broke the internet with hers. 

But it wasn’t until the 1990s, when Jennifer Lopez sashayed into the cultural mainstream, that a global cultural shift was achieved and a more sensual, fully formed backside became the obsession it is today.

Today, big butts are big business.

There are gym classes devoted to giving you a plumper posterior, foam-padded underwear, and a range of cosmetic procedures to give you the well-rounded rump of Rihanna, or the killer curves of Kim.

And demand for bum augmentation procedures has rocketed.

Look amazing in jeans

Bum enlargement can be achieved one of two ways here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, where we consult with a lot of women who tell us they want to look amazing in a pair of jeans or simply to rediscover the shapely, more womanly appearance they had when they were younger.



One of our most popular treatments is Macrolane, an injectable filler made using the natural ingredient hyaluronic acid (Ha) which is a natural structural component of your skin. Administered in precision areas, this safe and fast-working treatment can add significant volume to even the flattest and most shapeless buttocks. Unlike a surgical procedure, the injections allow the enhancement to be done in small doses, with results taking shape before your eyes.

And it takes approximately 45 minutes - that’s less time than a single gym class!

Similarly, if your buttocks have lost shape and volume as a result of weight loss or ageing, Macrolane can be used to revolumise your bum, and it will last for up to two years before repeat treatment is required.

Fat transfer procedures

Longer lasting, possibly even permanent results can be achieved with fat transfer procedure, also known as the ‘Brazilian buttock lift’. This fast and minimally invasive procedure works by taking liposuctioned fat from one part of your body and transferring it to another.

Because the procedure uses your own fat deposits, an allergic reaction is highly unlikely, and results are more natural-looking than with a silicone implant.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and the results can be seen immediately, for more information please contact us today.