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Which Facelift Is Right For You?

Posted by Dr Dutta on 15 February 2016

The term facelift is a very generic one so when patients are confronted with the range of facelift treatments and options it can all become a bit daunting. The actual definition of the word ‘facelift’ is a cosmetic surgical operation to remove unwanted wrinkles by tightening of the skin of the face, but in reality it can be used to represent both surgical and non-surgical treatments. So how can you be sure which is the best option for you. To help you... Read more

Record Number of Brits Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 12 February 2016

Data released from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has revealed a record number of people in Britain underwent procedures to modify their appearance in 2015. More than 51,000 people across the UK had some form of cosmetic surgery last year. Leading figures from BAAPS have claimed the catalyst behind the rise in procedures has been celebrities more openly discussing treatments, resulting in a de-stigmatised opinion of cosmetic... Read more

Dr. Ash Dutta discusses putting a stop to fly by night cosmetics

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 8 February 2016

Our very own Dr Ash Dutta recently appeared on SUN FM discussing how the industry needs to improve in Wearside by putting an end to fly by night cosmetics.  Ash gave his solution to the problem by highlighting the need to improve the provision of training for surgeons and considering who is able to administer this training subsequently. He further explores how education is key for the customer and they must have confidence in the profession. For more info... Read more

Save Face Investigation Highlights Why Consultations Are Essential

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 11 January 2016

A recent investigation by The Times has uncovered a worrying trend for Botox patients. Regulations introduced a few years ago made it a requirement that anyone issuing prescriptions for Botox can only do so after seeing the patient in person. Botox, (or Botulinum Toxin to give it its’ official name) is actually a poisonous neurotoxin. But don’t read this and panic, many of the substances we take day to day are also toxins, think caffeine, nicotine and... Read more

Giving Natural Beauty a Helping Hand

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 8 January 2016

Boost your appearance and confidence in 2016 It’s the time of year where we make resolutions to be more healthy, usually by eating better, drinking less and doing more exercise. However, there are always small irritations or imperfections that won’t budge no matter how hard we try. This is where we can help. We can put the final polish on your achievements. There are plenty of simple, non-surgical treatments, like chemical peels to boost your skin, as... Read more

15 reasons to choose Aesthetic Beauty Centre

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 4 January 2016

15 REASONS TO CHOOSE US! Reason number 1… We’ve got a five star rating on the comparison website ‘Right Clinic’ Reason number 2… We’ve got clinics in Sunderland AND Newcastle, so you can choose the location that best suits you and they’re both CQC registered. Reason number 3… We offer a huge range of procedures from breast enlargement surgery through to laser hair restoration, eye lifts and treatments to help reduce the appearance of lines... Read more

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Throughout The Ages - To The 21st Century

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 11 December 2015

Many people mistakenly believe that 'plastic surgery' takes its name from the use of silicone and other artificial materials to achieve cosmetic improvements. In fact, the name comes from the Greek word ‘plastikos’, which means ‘capable of being shaped and moulded’ and was coined in 1798 by the French anatomist and surgeon, Pierre Desault. In antiquity Both the Greeks and the Romans performed plastic surgery for reconstructive purposes on wounded s... Read more

What is Follicle Unit Extraction?

Posted by on 10 December 2015

For many Men, hair loss (technically referred to as Alopecia) can be a real source of frustration and it can often have an impact on a person’s self-confidence. Hair restoration is just one of a number of services provided by the Aesthetic Beauty Centre. Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE), is a procedure performed by Dr. Dutta. He is one of only a handful of qualified cosmetic surgeons that can perform this minimally invasive technique across the North East... Read more

A Brief History of Butts (and how to get a more shapely one)

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 17 November 2015

Rounder and more voluptuous buttocks have been celebrated as a symbol of womanly beauty and fertility since time immemorial. The Greeks and Romans depicted voluptuous bottoms in their art, Rubens loved to paint them, Victorian women wore bustles to accentuate theirs, Sir Mix-a-Lot wrote a song about them, and Kim Kardashian broke the internet with hers.  But it wasn’t until the 1990s, when Jennifer Lopez sashayed into the cultural mainstream, that a gl... Read more

How to look years younger without going under the knife

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 17 November 2015

The ever so glamorous Bette Davis famously said ‘getting older is not for sissies’. Clearly this wasn't a woman in need of much cosmetic assistance but none of us is immune to the effects of getting older. The ageing process causes our skin to lose its firmness, fullness and elasticity. Our cells lose their regenerative power and the advancing years cause the face’s natural lines to become deeper and more pronounced. Until somebody discovers the myth... Read more