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Celebrating Happy Season

Posted by Sophia Wright on 4 June 2015

I admit, one of the first things I do every morning, along with making coffee, is to scroll through Instagram.  At the moment it is filled with positive quotes and pictures of idyllic destinations. As days lengthen and temperatures rise it's time to celebrate happy season with bbqs and friends.  The back door is always open to let in the sun, we tend to spend more time outside than in and at some point we will be on a beach - even if we have to fly to on... Read more

Laser Life

Posted by Aesthetic Beauty Team on 29 May 2015

As June falls, the sun starts to flicker through our window at 5am instead of 8am, and we know that summer has almost reached us again. With longer days and brighter evenings ahead of us, thoughts inevitably turn to your summer wardrobe and swapping trousers, jeans and tights for summer dresses, skirts and shorts.  By now you're probably already thinking about any personal grooming you need to do to get ready for the season of exposed arms and legs, such... Read more

Beat The Fight

Posted by Sophia Wright on 26 May 2015

Never an uplifting topic to talk about but with Race for Life coming up and having personal experiences like many others, I thought that it would be fitting. Cancer now more than ever surrounds us all.  As if it is trying to mirror the ocean and we are all the Earth. If you personally have not experienced this battle, I can promise you that you will. Whether it is to see, to hear or to fee, the odds are that everyone will go through some sort of experien... Read more

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Posted by Sophia Wright on 23 May 2015

No matter how organised we may be in our day to day lives there’s something about cosmetic surgery that plants an indecisive characteristic in us. We ponder and we go back and forth to our 4th and 5th consultation begging that it spontaneously gives us our decision. Rightly so, cosmetic surgery is definitely not to be taken lightly, no matter how big or small. It’s a shame that the horror stories we see are shone so brightly in comparison to the thou... Read more

All About That Pout

Posted by Sophia Wright on 19 May 2015

Would you risk terrifying results for a fuller pout? Kylie Jenner has made a shock admission to having lip fillers.  She claimed that, for her, it was an insecurity that she had and she wasn’t ready to speak to reporters because the media and public are so quick to judge her. I started to wonder how much pressure must be on young teens in the media to not only feel confident but accepted, to have certain appearance and then proclaim it’s natural o... Read more

Share 4D moments with your own little Prince or Princess

Posted by on 15 May 2015

With the picture perfect Royal Princess Charlotte arriving last week we can already feel baby fever upon us again. Becoming possibly the most famous baby girl in the world in the space of a week, and with massive amounts of press attention, I predict white bonnets and booties flying off the shelves more rapidly than ever. However, this incredible news got the team here at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre thinking. Every expectant mother has their own little pri... Read more

Aqualyx FAQ’s

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 6 May 2015

How many treatments are required? The amount of treatments vary according to the desired degree of reduction, the dimensions of the fat deposit and the individual reactions of the fat tissue. On average you will need around 3 to 5 appointments with 3-week intervals, until you can actually see the results. How is the Aqualyx treatment conducted? Using thin, flexible cannulas, Aqualyx is injected directly into the fat tissue. The treatment is uncomfortable a... Read more

Dr Ash Dutta Metro Radio Interview on Hair Treatments

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 7 April 2015

Dr Ash Dutta was recently a guest on the Metro Radio Alan Robsons show, Night Owls. During the interview Ash talks about hair removal treatments that are currently available. If you are interested in a hair removal treatment, take a listen. Visit our page on Hair Removal for more information or book a free consultation today!... Read more

Dr Ash Dutta explains the Fat Transfer procedure

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 27 February 2015

Dr Ash Dutta answers all your questions about the Fat Transfer procedure here at Aesthetic Beauty Centre. Visit our page on Fat Transfer for more information or book a free consultation with us today! Read more

International Congress of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina (IESM)

Posted by on 13 February 2015

As a cosmetic surgeon performing what can often be life-changing procedures, I feel it is incumbent on me to keep up to date with what is current in the field. I recently attended the 14th International Congress of the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina (IESM) in Mexico. A centre of excellence for aesthetic surgery, the IESM brings together more than 850 cosmetic surgeons from all over the world at its high-profile congress. This year, I attended... Read more