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10 Questions about lip fillers

Posted by Dr Dutta on 18 June 2019

Thanks to the growth and fascination of today´s celebrity market, every aspect of their personal life has now come under scrutiny. The most intimate aspects of their lives are laid bare, with cosmetic surgery improvements being no exception. Below, we take look at the top ten questions relating to one of the most popular enhancements, the lip filler.  1. What Are ´Luscious´ Lips Made Of?  There are many brands on the market, with Juvederm being one of... Read more

Laser Treatment for Acne

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 29 May 2019

Laser light has had a wide range of medical uses and in this case, we will examine its application when applied to treating acne. Sadly, there is no ‘Magic Bullet’ treatment for the skin condition, but laser light can play its part in an overall strategy that may involve a combination of different treatments to reduce the skin condition more effectively. Results do vary, but it must be emphasized nothing has a 100% success rate for individual treatment... Read more

Dr Ash Dutta talks about the various uses of Botox

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 9 May 2019

Botulim Toxin, otherwise known as Botox has been used for facial rejuvenation, reducing the sweating in the underarms and various other areas and of course for Bruxism (teeth grinding). There are some medical indications for Botox which is currently used for twitching of the eyelids and also for facial sweating. However, over the last few years we have seen Botox used for many other indications for example Rosacea, redness in the face, Facial sweating and... Read more

Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Massage

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 26 April 2019

Lymphatic drainage massage is a therapy that uses long gentle stroking pressure to help increase the Lymph flow, and by that action, assist in the elimination of toxins and reduce post-operative swelling. The Lymph channels are an important circulatory system in the body - helping it to fight infection by transporting nutrients to cells and disposing of the body’s toxins by flushing them away through the Lymph nodes. The Lymph gland and the ebb and flow... Read more

What is Thighplasty or Thigh Lift Procedure?

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 10 April 2019

  A thigh lift or ´Thighplasty´ is a procedure to improve and tighten the appearance of the thighs. Potential candidates for this procedure may have thighs that are dimpled in appearance or may appear flabby because of loose and inelastic skin due to significant weight loss. Thighplasty can also help in reducing the sagging of the inner and outer thigh areas. This procedure may be performed as a secondary treatment following removal of excess fat via li... Read more

The Advantages of Dermal Fillers For A Fast Chin Enhancement

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 3 April 2019

The use of fillers by aesthetic professionals has for some time been associated with the application of cosmetic enhancements for the cheeks and lips. Fillers are also used for the smoothing out of wrinkles and general balancing of the facial features and plumping out the skin to give it a more youthful appearance.  As the aesthetic enhancement technology improves, we find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sadly, in a budget conscious world... Read more

The Spider Web Facelift

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 19 March 2019

Ask any Structural Engineer, what is one of the strongest materials known to man? They will say the spider’s web.  A new technique of skin rejuvenation and skin tightening has taken its inspiration from the humble spider´s web giving the name ‘spider-web facelift’. The technique, unlike other lifting surgeries, allows the patient to return to daily life right after the procedure with minimal downtime. This procedure is safe to be undertaken on virt... Read more

Body Sculpturing For Shoulders

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 20 February 2019

Advances in cosmetic surgery technology have ensured virtually every part of the body is capable of some sort of surgical enhancement. Recent admiration of the slender shoulders syndrome as displayed by such luminaries such as multi-talented Madonna and the film star Keira Knightly have led to a rise in women seeking to attain a similar upper body physique as such modern day heroines. Surgeons stateside are reporting an increase in women requesting liposuc... Read more

Mapping The Way: Part 4 of The Guide To Non-Invasive Body Contouring Aftercare

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 8 February 2019

In the final part of ´Mapping The Way: The Guide To Non-Invasive Body Contouring Aftercare´, we look at the range of expectations that these procedures can have. Expectations For Recovery and Aftercare Following Non-Invasive Body Contouring Procedures Generally there are two types of post procedural patient; they are classed as ‘in-patient’ and ‘out-patient.’ Following any type of non-invasive medical procedure, the patient may be taken into a po... Read more

Mapping The Way: Part 3 of The Guide To Non-Invasive Body Contouring Aftercare

Posted by Dr Ash Dutta on 30 January 2019

In the third part of ´Mapping The Way: The Guide To Non-Invasive Body Contouring Aftercare´, we look at what these range of options are. Deoxycholic Acid Deoxycholic Acid or Cholanoic Acid is a matter made within the body which helps to disrupt the membrane of fats. It is also known under several brands such as Kybella, Celluform Plus and Belkyra. The substance works to destroy the membranes of fat cells when it is injected into the body and it is primar... Read more