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4D Baby Scan - Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Dr Ashish Dutta on 23 February 2016

What is 4D Ultrasound Scanning?

Thanks to the latest advances in 4D Ultrasound scanning technology, parents are now able to bond with their new unborn baby in a unique live action viewing, which shows the baby’s face and movements in 4D long before it’s born. The maternal bonding scan uses high frequency sound waves to create a picture of the anatomy below the skin, thus resulting in stunning live action images of your unborn child.

What can you see using the 4D process?

From 12 weeks old unborn babies can stretch, kick and move around the womb – well before the mother can feel anything. We can see that from 18 weeks they can open their eyes. Even at 26 weeks they appear to exhibit a whole range of typical baby behaviour including stretching, crying and hiccupping. Just imagine being able to see your baby smile from within the womb.

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Is it Safe for me and my baby?

This is a simple scan, a clear gel is applied to the surface of the bump, and the scanner is gently passes across the gel to create the images of your child. The Royal College of Radiologists support the advice that here is no evidence to suggest any cause for concern, to date the scan has not been found to cause any damage to mother or baby so you can be confident that there is no known risk to you or your baby.

When should I have the scan?

The optimal time to view the baby is between 23-29 weeks gestation, the baby is sufficiently developed to see the best images, whilst the baby is small enough to move around. Sometimes your baby may move its hand or kick its foot, it feels like they are trying to wave at you.

Can you guarantee to find the baby’s sex?

It is not always possible to see what you are hoping for. The images we can find largely depend upon the position of the baby at the gestational time of the scan. After 20 weeks it is possible to identify the sex of your child.

We can only see what your baby will allow us to see. It’s like taking a picture of the baby from a particular window. Sometimes the view is restricted by a body part or the placenta and may prevent you from seeing everything you want to see, however, the Doctor is very patient and will usually try to ask mum to take a walk around the room and reposition the mum and scanner in the hope of moving the baby’s position to find a better view. Sometimes you may have to return for a rescan, but even then we cannot guarantee the position of your baby will have changed sufficiently to view the sex.

Who can come with me?

This is often an intimate emotional experience. You may wish to have a private viewing with your partner. Mothers have the benefit of the baby growing and can feel the baby moving inside. Partners particularly enjoy this exciting experience as it may be their first encounter with their new addition to the family. The Doctor enjoys performing the scans and delights in explaining the body parts and movements, he encourages you to share your magic moments with prospective grandparents and siblings too!

Take home your own copy on a CD

Your 4D scan could take 45minutes to one hour to complete, during this time the Doctor will save photograph still images and record videos of any foetal movement magical movements, he will print some thermal photographs (black and white) and supply them for you to take home along with a CD Rom of your images, as a permanent record of this amazing experience. You will be able to circulate to friend and relatives via your computer or mobile devices.

Do I need to prepare for the 4D Scan?

The scan will be performed with dignity and discretion, but you will need to expose the area to be scanned so wear something comfortable and loose fitting. No need for a full bladder for this kind of scanning.

The Doctor likes to excite the baby with full fat coke or coffee, as this makes the baby more active and allows you to see more of your baby’s movements so we recommend you have a couple of drinks prior to attending the clinic.

Where will the 4D Baby Bonding Scan be performed?

The Doctor will conduct the 4D Scan in Sunderland Clinic at 2 Ashmore Terrace,
SR2 7DE.

What Costs are involved?

The baby bonding Scan costs £180 and includes any thermal photographs printed on thermal photographic paper and photographs and video footage supplied on your CD Rom.

To find out more information, visit our Baby Face Scan page.


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