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Dr. Ashish Dutta (Dr Ash Dutta)

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Dr Ashish Dutta is the founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre and a cosmetic surgeon in UK. He has clinics in SunderlandNewcastle, London and Liverpool.

He recently passed  ‘American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery Examination’ which was held on March 7, 2018 in Dubai. This made him one of the few surgeons in the UK equipped with this qualification.

Dr Dutta was born in India and obtained his medical degree MBBS in Kolkata in 1986.  He came to the UK to further his skills, to train and gain experience in surgical specialities.

Dr. Ashish Dutta

Initially, he dedicated himself to working with different surgical specialities for the next 7 years including trauma, emergency medicine and Orthopaedics thus understanding the various aspects of surgery, and it was in 2000 when Dr Dutta was invited to attend a training session in Lasers by Lumenis.

This further motivated him to establish his first clinic in Sunderland in the same year under the name of Aesthetic Beauty Centre and started to focus his practise on non-surgical and laser procedures.  Aesthetic Beauty Centre expanded as a brand and opened its second clinic in Newcastle in 2004.

Simultaneously in 2000 Dr Dutta also obtained admitting rights at South Tyneside NHS Trust to do cosmetic procedures. He undertook a fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery and subsequently sat for the board certification exam of the International Division of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS) through the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS).  He was a founding member for the World Academy for Cosmetic Surgery and was the secretary of the organisation from 2010-2016.

During his initial years of medical training, Dr Ashish Dutta saw that there was not much reference to any kind of cosmetic/aesthetic surgery and this made him want to pursue this field further.  His keen interest in aesthetics of the body and the science behind it led him to develop his professional skills in the Cosmetic Surgery domain. He was one of the first doctors to bring Fraxel Laser and Thermage Skin tightening treatments to the UK.  He also holds the B-Tech in Advance Skin Laser. Dr Ash is also delighted to offer the next generation treatment like Recell and Scar Rejuvenation at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

Under his guidance and support Aesthetic Beauty Centre was the first clinic outside Australia to undertake the procedure which involves a very fine skin grafting technology to treat deep scars or pigmented skin. He also holds the B-Tech in Advance Skin Laser. And this September 2018 he was honoured with the prestigious title of Vise - President of, World Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS)

Dr Ashish Dutta is a visionary and has always understood people’s needs to be able to look physically youthful and he endeavours to meet his patient-client relationships with very realistic expectations by thorough one-to-one consultations with each and every one of them.

After 16 years in the cosmetic surgery practise, Dr Dutta and his team uphold the ethical values of Aesthetic Beauty Centre (ABC) by giving attention to detail with each and every patient/client who walks in through the door, building relationships with them and understanding their needs before the right cosmetic solution is provided.  He has also through his vast experiences better able to meet patient expectations and expounds his philosophy of realistic results.

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Dr Ashish Dutta says “In medicine most people come to see us due to illness or a health matter; however in cosmetic medicine or surgery we try to look after the patient’s aesthetic needs, improve their confidence and help them get on with their lives.” 

Dr Dutta’s pursuit for excellence takes him to various courses and conferences nationally and internationally.  He is constantly giving lectures and upgrading his skills to remain at the forefront of the cosmetic surgery scenario in the UK.  As a dedicated doctor, a keen learner and a people’s person he is one of the most respected practitioners in the industry.  He also loves to share his knowledge and experiences with other fellow doctors, nurses who work or associate closely with him on a daily basis. Personal blog of Dr Ash Dutta.

He is passionate about cosmetic medicine and surgery and also devotes a fair amount of time to newly formed Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP).  It is this dedication that has been acknowledged recently by his peers at The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery when he was made a Fellow with the AACS in October 2016.  The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) is committed to advancing the multispecialty, global discipline of cosmetic surgery and medicine for the benefit of patients and practitioners and Dr Ashish Dutta is one amongst the highly professional surgeons in the industry.

Dr Ash Dutta is particularly noted for his open style of consultations and his approachable, professional manner.

Under the aegis of the brand’s founder Dr Ashish Dutta – Aesthetic Beauty Centre is now focusing on expansions, developing new and innovative ways of training new practitioners and both his clinics in the North East were given the “Centre of Excellence” by Key Opinion Leaders for collaborating with various aesthetic industry partners.

Dr Ashish Dutta and his team rely on continuous training and striving for best practises and are thus able to understand the needs of the individual and thus ensuring that they understand the type of treatments that are achievable and realistic.  His team consistently keep updating and upgrading their skills which is what makes Aesthetic Beauty Centre one of the most respected cosmetic surgery clinic in the UK.

ABC’s (Aesthetic Beauty Centre) mantra is to create a holistic environment where each approach is tailor made to deliver the desired outcome for every patient/client.

Dr Ashish Dutta envisages the brand to be forward thinking and constantly evolving with a patient focused approach within a caring, comforting and professional ambience.

He is a lover of Indian classical music which also assists him in distressing from his regular busy schedule.  He also loves to cook Indian meals in his free time and his passion for excellence and bringing service is a key factor that keeps him moving forwards at all times.

Signature Dr Ash DuttaHis title

Secretary, European Society of Aesthetic Surgery (ESAS)                                                                                                       
Secretary, British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS)         
Secretary, International Division of American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ID-ABCS)
Vice President, World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS)                     




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